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Read carefully text below.

One of the most interesting animals in the zoo is the elephant. This animal may be 3 or 4 meters tall. The weight may be 5 or 6 tons.

The elephant of flesh is wrapped in a wrinkled suit of rough gray skin. Its legs are like pillars. Its huge ears flap gently back and forth like wings. It may consume up to 200 kg of grass a day. It is fond of banana plants, gingers, and leaves of various plants. Look at the long trunk. When you throw some peanuts, the trunk picks up the peanuts with the ‘fingers' at the tip of the trunk. Then, the huge beast will put it into its mouth and eat it happily. The elephant is also remarkable for its tusks. Tusks are long teeth that continue to grow throughout its life. The number of these animals, however, has decreased a lot. More and more of them are killed for their tusks. Many die because trees in their forest have been cut down. They cannot find food and protection in the forest anymore. If people aren't able to save them, these animals, sooner or later, may vanish from the earth.

Task 1: Match the question and the answer below by click A, B, C, D and E

Task2: Find in the text the English equivalents of the following words:

Read carefully text below.

I have friends. Their names are Ari and Ario. Almost everyone who meets them thinks they are twins , because they look similar and are always together. In fact, they are not twins but only friends. When they go out to work , everyone in his profession knows and respects them. They work as a team. Ari is a journalist and Ario is a photographer.

They both work for a famous picture magazine. Ari writes the articles and Ario takes a pictures. They do not only cover the domestic events but foreign ones as well . So the magazine often sends them all over the world to cover important events. They have won many awards. Because of their good achievement in their profession, many famous magazines and newspapers offer them good positions, but they refuse. They want to devote themselves entirely to the magazine where they are working now. They are really a solid team.

If the statement is true click the answer True and if the statement is false click the answer False!

Match the question and the answer below by click and drag a,b,c,d and e


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